Do Your Best Work

(and tell the world about it)


I want you to be exceptional, to be seen. I want you to do your best work and tell the world about it.

No more playing it small, no more mediocre. In a world where good enough is no longer good enough where average is a death sentence, I want you to be the best, design the best, build the best.

I want you to blow our minds.

In a VUCA, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world, I help you from gun to tape. I will teach you to innovate, lead, strategize, and market so that you can do your best work, and let the world know. 

Keynotes & Masterclasses.



How uncertainty fuels creativity and innovation.

in praise of shadows

Treasure is never found out in the open, treasure is found in the dark. Innovation, creativity, adventure, and life is found in the sacred mess of mystery, chaos, and uncertainty. The soul needs its secrets, and it is in these where true creativity originates. 



Using the Power of Storytelling to grow your business.

Villains, Heroes & Victories.

Once upon a time… See, I already have your attention. Our brains are hardwired for stories. Telling stories is how we make sense of the world and embed our lives with meaning.

One of the biggest reasons that major shifts in nations, history, and in business occurred is because someone told a better story. A story that excited, motivated, and mobilized people. Think of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’, or Nelson Mandela’s ‘Never and never again’, or even Steve Jobs’ ‘Think different.’ All these movements were carried by story. They showed people a glimpse of what the world can be and gave them a new vision.



Crafting a virtuous strategy in a VUCA world.

The art of discernment

"Move fast and break things" is a motto that is outdated and increasingly indefensible. More and more consumers are demanding that organisations are responsible, authentic, and in fact, virtuous.

How does one design a virtuous strategy in a VUCA, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous, world?



Leaderships lessons from myths, archetypes, and legends

Heroes, Monsters, and Kings.

There are at least 4 near universal stages in life and subsequently in our careers as leaders. There is the Child, the Hero, the King, and the Elder and each stage has a set of invitations, and also has a turning point, a literal crisis that each leader needs to face. 

Storytelling for teams


Have you ever been misunderstood? Actually this happens more often than you think, even people in close long term relationships only understand one another’s motivation 5% of the time.

The confusion and misunderstandings amongst colleagues and across social and cultural boundaries is exponentially more.

Strategic Creative Direction

Market your best work

through the power of storytelling.

Creativity is what humans do, and in an increasingly competitive marketplace having the ability to tell your story in a compelling, relevant and creative way is all the edge you need.

More than just creating striking images, your creative approach needs to be integrated with your strategy as your primary differentiating tactic. Using the power of great Storytelling we can tell the world about your work.

"Fresh, thought provoking, and captivating"


"A completely new angle on leadership, immediately applicable in our teams."


3rd person bio

Pierre is a master storyteller, insanely creative, a strategist, and a maximiser. He helps businesses to their best work and tell the world about it. He is a dissident preacher and has a habit of making the familiar strange and turning the world upside down.

He is currently the CEO of his passion project, HumanWrites, an organisation that gets storybooks to kids who need them.

He is an educator at DUKE CE University and his speaking clients include BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, FNB, Nedbank, and many others.

He has worked in fashion, advertising, trend analyses and branding. Pierre leads a contemplative community of faith in the heart of Cape Town, is a published author and has received the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand literature prize

He travels the world preaching about innovation, marketing, and leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world and has been featured on TEDx stages multiple times.

He believes he is the love child of Gertrude Stein and Jason Bourne.

He lives in Cape Town with his wife, two kids, and his iPhone.

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Gumnasia (goom-nas-ee’-ah): the exercise of the body, and mind, in a palaestra or school of athletics, usually in the nude. Any exercise whatever such as the exercise of conscientiousness relative to the body such as is characteristic of an ascetic.


Pierre du Plessis is most probably one of the best speakers I have encountered, anywhere in the world. I have been lucky enough to see the likes of Nir Eyal, Eric Qualman, the great Tony Dungy, even that guy Bill Clinton, but do I do anything different after listening to them? Nope.

Think different. Apple said it. Pierre makes you do it.
— Dewald Du Plooy - Marketing Director KFC
Pierre looks at the world with infinite curiosity and an open mind. As such, he has a knack of pinpointing a trend on the rise, but most importantly its roots and trajectory. Without these two elements you don’t have context, and Pierre has the ability to provide that all important context.
— Dion Chang, Founder Fluxtrends
Pierre’s talk dropped bombs in my head that have been exploding in my brain for weeks - love it!
— Rich MulHolland
I am jaded, I have been in the industry a very long time (20 years feels like a lifetime), I have seen a lot, heard a lot, had my intelligence challenged and my mind bent, and often been bored. There are not many speakers out there that make me stop (mid running around on an event) and listen. Pierre is one of those.

Pierre du Plessis has a “je_ne_sais_quoi” he is genuine, he is kind in nature and he is deep. What he talks about hits home and makes the neurons fire. He inspires me and makes me think.

He is the 1st person I recommend when a client requests a speaker. A consummate professional, and always interesting.
— Kelly McGillivray - The Squad Events