1000 Rocket Bike

Do you know what I love?

Being human.

I know that sounds weird but I'm reading more about the 4th industrial revolution at the moment, AI, Robotics and all the like, looking at David Rushkoff's TED talk again in preparation for my teaching on Sunday on Technology and Spirituality.

Humans are awesome, creative, quirky, emotional, and aware of all these things at the same time. The short of it? I have to vehemently agree with Rushkoff, in an age where humans are only valued for our data, I want to value us for our creativity.

So below is an awesome video my son showed me celebrating all that it means to be human, a 1000 Rocket bike built by Colin Furze (my favourite YouTuber 'cause he actually makes stuff).

Get skin in the game, build awesome stuff.