I'm writing this early this morning from my hotel room in Namibia, in about 3 hours I'm doing a talk on leadership to the leadership of the biggest banking group in the country.

And I feel like such a fraud.

Self rejection and self blame, and feeling like an impostor is something I deal with often, and according to some of the articles I've been reading, since 4am, more than 70% of people feel like this. At least I'm not alone. :)

The trick is here, as always, to let it go. The key in that sentence is not 'fraud' it is 'feel like', just because it feels like something does not make it true. Wait, what? Yes, we are a generation of people pushed to be in touch with our feelings, but our feelings are fleeting and not very trustworthy indicators of our talent or our worth.

Me and you, we are not our thoughts or feelings, we are the awareness of infinite worth that lies deep beneath the surface.

I'm going to sit and meditate now, because it's good practice, and then talk like boss.

Thank you for training with me every morning.

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