Have you ever been betrayed? By a good friend, a lover perhaps, someone you trusted with your life?

It hurts, a lot. I know the feeling, I think most of us do.

The reason betrayal hurts so much is because we project the best parts of ourselves onto the other person, they become our soulmate and literally carry a part of us with them. When they betray us, we lose that part.

It’s like having your chest ripped open and a part of your heart removed. It often can be real, physical pain, like a fire exploding in your chest.

The best thing I’ve found to do, is to let that rage out. I need to voice it, talk, scream, cry, and tell that hurt to someone, a close friend, a therapist, a family member.

Pain can be transformed, but it needs to be reorganised into meaning. This organisation can only happen when I voice it.

In short, best to not keep the rage inside your chest, you will explode.

Take care of yourselves today.

Get skin in the game.


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