About that pole in the drive way

When people lose control of their vehicles they tend to almost always hit something, a tree, a road sign, or the only lamppost on the street. Perhaps you have experienced this too? Why does this happen? Well, my theory is that in a crisis we focus our attention on something and then we can’t let it go.

Do this little exercise with me quickly, I heard it yesterday on Tara Brach’s podcast.

Focus on the word, TROUBLE, in your mind. You can even close your eyes as you repeat the word in your thoughts, and put some punch behind it while you’re at it.


Notice how you feel…

Now, focus on the word KINDNESS. Do the same thing with the word in your mind.

When you are done, take a moment to notice how you feel.

Interesting right? A simple change of attention can direct our entire mood.

You are the master of your feelings, not they of you. So, choose what you focus on.

Get skin in the game