Been thinking much lately about identity, who am I, and consequently, what am I here to do.

Identity is a big deal. Human beings are strange creatures in that aspect, we think about who we are. I doubt my dachshund worries about who he is.

Identity is supposed to be given to us, we are supposed to be told who we are. We are supposed, according to some psychologists, to be told this by our fathers. But even the best fathers are not perfect, and so many of us walk around trying to find ourselves.

Another source of identity is a community, our family, our spirituality, our culture and these can be powerful conveyors of identity. Some would say this is a key part of why the Jewish people are one of the most successful people groups on the planet, they're identity is rock solid. Other communities are poisonous, like the gangs on the Cape Flats.

We all need to find out who we are, we all need to grow up, our own identity, and have a place to stand.

My take, surround yourself with a healthy loving community, they will tell you who you are, ask deep questions about who you are, and what people like you do.

Get skin in the game, start the journey.