Line of thread

In the story of Theseus, who went to battle the half man half bull, the Minotaur, in the Labyrinth, he was given a way out of the deadly maze. Ariadne, his love, went to the architect of the labyrinth for help and he in turn gave her a simple spool of linen thread which Theseus could tie to the entrance so he can find his way back.

A simple line of thread saved his life.

The line of thread represents the story we are living in this world, the narrative, our strategy so to speak, and shows us where to go next. It is not fancy, nor grand, it is simple. The simpler, the better. The question then being, what is your and my lines of thread, what are the narratives we are living, what are we telling ourselves about the journey of life, what is life like for us?

Complete this next sentence, without thinking too much about it, ready?

‘Life is … ‘

That’s your thread. I hope it’s good, otherwise maybe do some work on it?

Get skin in the game.


PS: Go read The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell