Love what you do

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”  Steve Jobs. 

Although this famous quote in its original context probably meant that you have to choose a job that you love, I like to read it the other way around.

Love the job you have.

Most of us do not have the luxury to do and get a job or career that we love, doing scrapbooking or interpretative dance for a living just isn’t a viable option unfortunately. However, we all can choose to love the job we have.

One of the hacks, I learnt from a friend of mine, David McDonald, is to think about how many people are benefitting from your job, whether you make the tea or make the big decisions. Helping someone else makes us happier, choosing to see this in your in your job will make you happier.


Who are you helping this week?

Get skin in the game.