making a decision | part I

Decision making can be daunting. Luckily there are processes and practices that people have been using for centuries. In the next few days, I’ll list my process, which is a combo of Tony Robbins and St Ignatius… (it’s true)

First list your options. Sounds simple, right? Actually, this is where most of us get stuck. If you are like me you’ll get stuck on one option and the decision is something like..

Either do X or not.

One option isn’t a decision, and two options are more like a dilemma, a rock and a hard place, but three or more are ideal. 

X or not isn’t a decision, X or Y is a decision, but X or Y or Z… is better.

So, what do you need to choose between? Sit down, WITH a pen and paper (this can’t be figured out in your head) and put down your options. Keep going till you have at least three good ones.

Get skin in the game, make better choices.