Mercy, Pity, Peace, Love and SCIENCE.


A century ago just before the Great War, at a time when scientific and technological advancement was at an all time high, Winston Churchill was quoted saying,

Without an equal growth of mercy, pity, peace and love, science herself may destroy all that makes life majestic and tolerable, there never was a time when the inherent virtue of human beings required more strong and confident expression in daily life.
— Winston Churchill

He was right of course. Science was partly responsible in creating the machine of war, coupled with our sole focus on logic, reason, and empirical study.

We find ourselves again at such a time in history, a time of exponential technological advances. It would serve us well to hear Churchill’s words again.

The question then is not only how do we build the next big thing, but how do we build it virtuously?

Building virtuous organisations will take a different type of leader and leadership. A leader that is aware of her own flaws, selfishness and desires, lest we repeat the past.

Sadly those leaders are rare.

Get skin in the game, know thyself.