What your unicorn is saying about you.

Is anyone else irritated with the unicorn trend?

I know I’ve had quite enough.

However, mystical beasts such as unicorns, dragons, and Lady Gaga ;) has always been a part of our stories and history.

Augustine said that mystical beasts break the natural law and therefore must be messengers from God since only He can break the natural law.

Beasts are indeed messengers, they tell us something about ourselves. They show us what we fear or what we desire. Most psychologists worth their salt will tell you that what you see in the beast is really just what is already present in yourself.

If you see great strength in the Griffin, it is because it is already present in you, you just need to access it.

If you fear or am fascinated with a werewolf then perhaps you need to acknowledge the rage in you.

Perhaps our collective obsession with the unicorn is our society’s need for its solitary peaceful strength, unable to be captured, it’s healing power or just for light?

The question is, what beast keeps on showing up in your life, which ones keep you up at night? A unicorn, a gryphon, a zombie?

What does a beast like that have to say?

Get skin in the game, know your beast.