The most powerful universal principle - sacrifice

We humans figured out pretty early on that sacrifices work. When we sacrifice not eating all the food and save some for later it means we won’t go hungry tomorrow.

Sacrifices is something we do in the present to control the future, to secure a good future. We have all sacrificed something at some point to secure a better future, working long hours, saving up for your child’s studies and so on.

Sacrifice is how wars are won, it is how all wealth has been built, it is how we create civilisation.

It works.

It is so powerful that is has been ritualised and written into religions and spiritualities for thousands of years.

It is a universal law.

And as with all universal laws, you can either accept it, and benefit from it, or be crushed by it. Sacrifice should become a value in your life and in your business, and when you sacri (holy) fice (to make), you create something holy, something connected, something good.

Get skin in the game, sacrifice.


PS: Jordan Peterson also talks about this, very eloquently, in his book 12 rules of life.