Something to be | 'Spirituality and Work' part I

There are three things, values, principles, that spirituality brings us that is valuable for us not only in our personal lives but also in our work.

Something to be (faith),

Something to want (hope),

Something to do (love).

The first of these, Something to be, has to do with identity, a foundation, a place for you to start from. A large part of spirituality is finding out who you are or who you were created to be.

This is a long and difficult journey but an extremely powerful one, where we eventually discover that we are unique in our gifts and talents, that we are all creative beings, and that we are worthy of love and in fact loved.

The powerful thing about this realisation is that when we finally see it and accept it, we also see it and cherish it in others. It is this journey that gave us things like Universal Human Rights, Universities, and Hospitals because we see the same value in each human being that we have discovered in ourselves.

What would a business look like where everyone knew this, what would that place design and bring to the world?

Get skin in the game, have faith.