Something to do | 'Spirituality and Work' Part III

Lastly, spirituality invites us into action, once we have realised who we are, and we have something we want, the only thing left is something to do to get there.

And that something is to love, as trite as that sounds it is the truth. Human beings and organisations do not exist in isolation. We act as though we do, when our lives are good, everything is good, when our profit is up everything is good.

But it is not, we are all connected in an infinite complex system of relationships, and in spirituality relationships matter. Actually, that is one of the many definitions of spirituality, it is the connections between us, it lives in the in-between spaces.

It invites us to navigate those connections with kindness, compassion, understanding and yes


Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO, is known for running the company with compassionate leadership and spiritual values and principles are ingrained in the organisation. One of LinkedIn’s 6 values is, ‘relationship matters’, because it does, we do not exist in a vacuum and our actions influence the entire web.

Get skin in the game, be kind.