Something to want | 'Spirituality and Work' part II

Easily the most difficult question in life, both for ourselves and our businesses.

Want to you really want?

Our desire is our bus ticket home, my spiritual director always tells me. The word desire actually means, ‘of the stars’, stars we need to navigate life by.

The thing with building spirituality into a workplace, and our lives, is that it cannot be added on as another tool in the tool box to cope with life and we cannot use it as a patch just to increase our bottom line.

It has to do with what we want, it has to do with HOPE.

What do you want and what does your business want?

Profit, why?

Success, why?

The greater good, why?

Embedding spiritual values is about internalizing them and then embodying them. It is doing the deep hard work to figure out what do you want the future to truly be and what who do you want to be in that future.

Get skin in the game, what do you want?