That question we ask ourselves

When faced with a situation, especially when trying to decide what our next move in our careers or businesses should be, we all have an ingrained, near subconscious question, that guides our actions and so our lives.

My coach friend Lukie, the best coach ever, pointed this out to me again while we were stuffing our faces at my favourite burger place.

Usually, someone’s question, when trying to decide on the next move, or design a business is something like,

What should we do?

That is, or was, my question too. It’s a really bad one, it’s waiting for an outside answer, which won’t come, it doesn’t create any movement and it doesn’t fire up the imagination. It just made me go around in circles, for years.

Here is a better one, for me,

How can I help?

That question focuses the energy on me, I am able to answer that question. It also focuses on my strengths, and it focuses on what I can bring. It is about abundance, not scarcity.

A better one also could be, What do I want? That one also doesn’t rely on an outsider to answer.

Get skin in the game, as better questions.


PS, you can get hold on my friend Lukie here, (he is also one of a handful of Tony Robbins’ coaches)