Want to do more meaningful work? Ask these questions.

Did you know that most people die from a heart attack on a Monday at 9 am?

By the weekend your chances of a heart attack drop to practically zero.

Why a Monday? People would rather die than go to work.

Only 1 in 5 people are engaged and happy at their jobs, the rest are apathetic or worse.

For us to be happy at our jobs, we have to transcend ourselves. We have to create meaning. We have to tell ourselves a better story about the work that we do and then we have to live that story.

Dr David McDonald suggests these questions to help you gain meaning at work,

Who benefits from my work?

How does your work heal the world?

What relationships can you enhance, strengthen, support or renew?

What’s the one area in which you could grow and develop?

The trick is to reframe your work, and if you are a manager or a founder, perhaps these should be built into your organisation’s DNA?

Get skin in the game, live better stories.