Whose fault is it?

Often when I open my browser I see a new story or article recommended to me that claims to have discovered a new cause for some human struggle, a specific gene or lack thereof, pollution, parenting, radiation levels, social media.. the list goes on.

Since we were separated from our mothers at birth we have been looking for someone else or something else to take care of. The irony is that we will not find it, we need to be it. This was called by Jung, individuation.

I call it growing up.

Yes, there are situations that influence us, yes there are people along the way that harm us, but at the end of the day, agency lies largely with you and me. Our society believes differently, it tells us that we are victims and that it is not all our fault and that someone, a parent or a president, or something, a pill or an app, will save us.

We are all dealt a set of cards true, but the magic is we can play those cards in any way we wish.

Get skin in the game, grow up and play your deck.