We all have a warrior inside us, a hero that needs to fight a monster. This Hero, like all parts of us, consist of a light and a shadow side. The goal being to engage and grow into the light side of course  

Firstly, a good warrior trains constantly. “The more I practice, the luckier I get” - Gary Player. She uses all situations as practice for the real event. 

There is a line in the opening sequence in “Batman Begins” when Bruce Wayne is in jail and one of the inmates comes up to him to pick a fight, and sneers, ‘I’m devil.’ Wayne’s reply, ‘You’re not the devil, you are practice‘

The shadow side of the warrior doesn’t practice or train. This warrior relies only on his skill, thinking he is above training and can just ‘wing it’.  

Guess who will win?  

Get skin in the game, train.  


  (there are two more double edge qualities of the warrrior, I’ll explore them this week.)