Monsters, Heroes, and Kings




There are at least 4 near universal stages in life and subsequently in our careers as leaders; the child, the hero, the king, and the elder.

Each stage has a unique set of invitations, and a turning point, a literal crisis that each leader needs to face if they are to proceed to the next level.

In this keynote and masterclass Pierre focuses on two of those stages in leadership, the hero and the king. How does the brazen, all conquering hero defeat the ultimate monster and how does that same hero become a worthy monarch?

A demanding session teeming with leadership lessons and challenges from ancient myths, legends, and archetypes.

The Process

This masterclass present each leader with a map, a dashboard, where they can locate themselves. Once located on the map, in either one of the two stages, there are specific actions that each leader can take to enter fully into that specific stage of leadership.

The big takeaway is recognising the main crisis point between the stages and how to move through it.

During this MASTERCLASS, working in groups and individually, these reflections and action steps are completed in a take home worksheet.

The MASTERCLASS session concludes with a 5 step process, STOP, THANKS, FEEL, FOCUS, TOMORROW, that has been adapted from a 500 year old technique, which serves to help leaders continually discern their strategies in both life and business.

A completely new angle on leadership, immediately applicable in our teams
— Sarel van Zyl, CEO, FNB, Namibia