Ora et Labora

Spirituality and Work, harnessing the power of the biggest trend in business in the 21st century.


Only one in five people are actively engaged and happy at work, three are apathetic and the fifth is actively trying to damage the company they work for.

The new workforce is demanding more than just a paycheck. They want meaning. They want to work for a place that does meaningful work and is engaged in making the world a better place.

Move fast and break things, Zuckerberg's famous motto is now a thing of the past. Customers are demanding virtuous, responsible organisations that are not only for profit, but also for good.

How we build meaning into business is the question every leader should be asking.

CEO's across the globe, like Jeff Weiner from LinkedIN with his focus on compassionate leadership, have discovered the power of infusing spiritual practices, principles and values into the core of their multi billion dollar businesses in order to create impactful organisations and meaningful workplaces.

Spiritual principles dig into the core of who we are as human beings. Principles such as compassion, kindness, and recognising each other as valuable and unique function as powerful cultural drivers in a business.

'Ora et Labora', Latin for prayer and work has been the secret of multi million dollar businesses run from Monasteries. "The counterintuitive secret that the monks and the world’s greatest salespeople have discovered is that the more successfully we forget our selfish motivations, the more successful we become.” August Turak

In this keynote, Pierre explores spirituality and work and what focusing on more than just profit can add into a business and into the lives of the people that work there. He presents universal spiritual principles and practices that can give any business and each one who works something to be, something to want, and something to do.

Pierre captivated the group with an insightful look at spirituality and work. He took a difficult topic and delivered in a way that reached and inspired each person in different way. Members of my team, from all walks of life, took something away from this presentation and we all enjoyed Pierre’s genuine talent for presentation and storytelling