‘MOB’, by Justin Dingwall, styling by myself.

‘MOB’, by Justin Dingwall, styling by myself.

Strategic Creative Direction

Creativity is what humans do, and in an increasingly competitive marketplace having the ability to tell your story in a compelling, relevant and creative way is all the edge you need.

Outside, non threatening creative input from the fringe is sorely needed when designing a strategy for any level business.

More than just creating striking images, your creative approach needs to be integrated with your strategy as your primary differentiating tactic.

This is where I come in.

I live with feet firmly in both worlds, strategy and creativity.

I have worked in just about every single creative discipline on the planet, from designing jeans for soviet jeanswear to curating and editing content. I’ve worked as a stylist on award winning campaigns, developed brand identities, digital campaigns, product development, and consulted as creative director for everything from musicals to logos. I’ve created art works, and consulted to internationally known artists to help hone their concepts and put words to their ideas.

What I can do for you,

  • Walk alongside you and your organisation to think in fresh, upside down, ways about the way forward.

  • Design a creative strategy with you that will differentiate your business.

  • Consult on product development i.e. helping to design and put down a product and service that resonates with those you seek to serve.

  • Creative Direction on just about anything, from graphic design to full scale live events.

  • Crafting a uniquely positioned Brand Identity for you.

Previous Projects

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