Villains, Heroes, and Victories

Using the power of storytelling to grow and lead your organisation

Once upon a time… See, I already have your attention. Our brains are hardwired for stories. Telling stories is how we make sense of the world and embed our lives with meaning.

One of the biggest reasons that major shifts in nations, history, and in business occurred is because someone told a better story. A story that excited, motivated, and mobilized people. Think of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’, or Nelson Mandela’s ‘Never and never again’, or even Steve Jobs’ ‘Think different.’ All these movements were carried by story. They showed people a glimpse of what the world can be and gave them a new vision.

It is any leader’s first task to define a new reality and that can only be done with great storytelling. Storytelling is a sure-fire way to explain an abstract concept and simplify something complex.

People don’t buy bullet points, they buy stories. Which is why you need to be wrapping your products in narratives and not in spec sheets.

In this keynote,

Pierre, a master storyteller, will open your team’s mind to the power of storytelling.

Your team will learn the five parts of the StoryMap which they can use to harness the time-tested power of storytelling to increase sales and grow your business.

They will learn not only how to tell your brand’s story, but more importantly how to place your customer as the hero so your brand can enter their story.